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My first time working on boxing day was a very busy one to say the least, and on more than one occasion something strange happened but this one will always stick in my mind as the strangest thing that has ever happened to me working in retail.
I’d been working for about 2 hours now an I’d just gotten off my break, it was fairly busy but nowhere near as hectic as it had been earlier. I was rearranging the racks by size when an old Asian woman came up to me and asked, holding up a pair of extremely common sweatpants, “would you have this in a size medium at your franchise in San Diego?”. I was well and truly baffled and could only utter in my inexperience “what?”, She then scolded me that “I should know better” and that I was too inexperienced to be working at my age (at the time I was 16, it was my first job).
I don’t know if this story is that good but it is something I will never forget.