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The grocery store I work let’s people order their groceries online and pick them up later. I have just finished shopping an order and I call the woman to let her know and discuss any out of stock items.
Me: Hi, is this (Name)?
Woman: Yes.
Me: Hi, this is (My Name) with (Store) Online Shopping. How are you today?
Woman: I’m good.
Me: Good. I wanted to let you know I finished picking your order, and we did have some out of stock items today.
Woman: What store are you from?
Me: (Store).
Woman: I didn’t order anything from (Store).
Me: You didn’t order anything from (Store)?
At this point, my supervisor take over.
Supervisor: You didn’t order anything? Is this (Name)?
Woman: Yes.
Supervisor: Hm…is your number (Number)?
Woman: Yes. But I didn’t order anything from (Store).
Supervisor: That’s interesting…someone just probably put the number into computer wrong. Have a good day.
We never did figure out what happened, and we had to email the correct woman about her order.