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Me: Hello and thank you for calling **** my name is connor how can I help you.

Customer: Yeah my car was supposed to be picked up today and now I’m out $300.

Me: I do apologize about that sir, what is you first and last name so I can look up your file?

Customer: It’s under [Name]

Me: The search yielded no results, did you happen to have the number you submitted for contact? It appears it didn’t come up under the number your calling from.

Customer:*Yelling* What do you mean you can’t find it? What kind of operation are you running here?

Me: Unfortunately sir I cannot confirm what the issue was unless we’re able to bring up your information. Could it have been under another name?

Customer: No it most certainly is not you guys promised a Saturday pick up.

Me: Wait your vehicle was scheduled for today? We don’t do pick ups on the weekend in that area could you have spoken with another company?

Customer: *Resumes Yelling*NO I SPOKE WITH [Co-Worker’s First Name] AND I’M GOING TO CALL IN ON MONDAY AND ASK FOR [Co-Worker’s First Name]. I’M ALSO GOING TO LOOK HIM UP ON FACE BOOK! YOU TELL [Co-Worker’s First Name] I’M COMING FOR HIM. *click*

Me: *Turning to my co-worker* How does he think he’s going to find someone on facebook only knowing their first name. My name isn’t common and there’s still thousands of me on facebook.

Coworker: *Facepalms*

Question of the Week

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