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(A customer is in the self serve copy area putting something together, but then she comes up to me in the full serve area)

Customer: Do you have a highlighter I can use that isn’t yellow?

Me: I think so (I go into our copy supplies drawer and pull out a blue one) Here you go. (I continue with my work)

Customer: Excuse me, don’t you have any other colours? Or more than one?

Me: No, sorry, that was the only highlighter in there.

Customer: You don’t have a pink one or anything?

Me: No, sorry, just the blue one. If you need different coloured highlighters though, we do sell them in aisle 5. You can get a package of assorted coloured highlighters.

Customer: No, I don’t want to buy any, I just want to use yours.

Me: Well, then you’ll have to use blue because that’s all we have.

Customer: But don’t you have any others?

Me: No. We just have that one. Again, you can purchase your own package of them, and then you’ll have a bunch of colours.

Customer: Well this isn’t even a highlighter!

Me: … yes it is

Customer: oh

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