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(My husband and I are shopping for the weekly groceries, both dressed very casually. I’m pushing the trolley and trying to choose a cereal)
Customer: Hi, sorry to bother you, but do you work here?
Me: No, sorry.
Customer: Okay, can you tell me what aisle the washing powder is in?
Me: Um.. I’m sorry, I’m not sure.
Customer: How do you not know! You work here!
Me: No no, I said I don’t work here.
Customer: Exactly! So why don’t you know where it is?
Me: … Huh?!
Customer: You’re the most unhelpful person I’ve ever met! I’m telling your manager!
Me: I don’t have a manager you nutcase, I don’t work here!
Customer: Oh my god, you’ve really upset me! You’ve ruined my day! You deserve to be fired and I hope you are!
(after this outburst she actually grabs my trolley and tries to tip it before storming away… Maybe I should apply for a job there..)

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