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I was working the customer service desk at the store I work at, and we were a bit slow. The only other person at the desk was my manager, who was dealing with a rather irate customer while I took some phone calls. The customer had changed the location of their order about 8 times and was now complaining about how it was taking so long to get to its new location. Because of the frequent changes, my manager was having a lot of trouble even finding the order. Eventually I got off the phone, 15 minutes later, and the customer was constantly telling my manager that he was just stupid and didn’t know how to do his job. As I was now free, my manager on the phone with some other workers trying to track down the order, the guy came over to me and calmly tells me, “Excuse me, but could you help me out? That guy has no f**king clue what he’s doing. Could you do it or maybe get me a manager?” I then had the pleasure of telling this guy that that is my manager, his face going white, me holding back laughter as he started to actually respect my manager.