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I work in a reasonably high-end shoe store. Most of our shoes retail for ~$100+ and are really good quality. This man comes in about five minutes after I finish my shift, but I still have to walk out past him so I decide to ask what he wants.

Me: “Hello there Sir! What can I help you with today?”

Customer: “Well I bought these shoes about two months ago and they’re completely ruined!”

The customer takes off his shoes and passes them to me. I notice they are one of our higher brand, retail at $160, and it looks like someone has taken a knife to the sole and cut a hole in it. The shoes look at least a year old.

I nod and encourage him to continue this story. I smile at this point.

Customer: “DO NOT laugh at me. This is a real problem. I have been walking with these shoes for two weeks now. It is unacceptable.”

Me: “Sorry sir.”

Customer: “I do NOT want to enquire about a warranty, I just want to tell you not to buy these shoes!”

As a woman with small feet, I am not able to but this brand. Our shoes do not come with a warranty, only a refund if not worn & within 2 weeks of purchase. The customer walks off and I go out the back to retrieve my things and go home. As I’m walking past my manager, I see the same man speaking to her.

Customer: “I cannot believe the service here! I came in to ask about getting an exchange on these shoes and all I got was this girl laughing at me!”

I left the store quickly, hoping he hadn’t seen me again. I spoke to my manager the next day and she said that nothing came from it. The customer was not within his rights to get a refund or exchange.

Time Is Relative The Closer You Get To Pizza

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(I go into an internationally popular pizza place — who used to advertise the pizza would be ready in 30 minutes or you’d get it free — to collect an order I made online. As I open the door, I hear a man and woman talking.)

Man: “You should get it for free… See if they’ll give it to you for free!”

Woman: “Yeah, this is ridiculous.”

(The cashier calls the woman’s name and the woman goes to collect her pizza.)

Woman: “This is ridiculous. I ordered this over an hour and a half ago. I should get it for free.”

Cashier: “I’m sorry about the wait, ma’am.”

Woman: “You should be! This should be free! I ordered this at 6:00 pm and it’s 7:30 pm.”

Cashier: “Ma’am, our computer system received your order at 6:55 pm and—”

Woman: “That’s still an hour wait!”

Cashier: “I can see what I can do, but you got the dessert sampler and that does take extra time to make.”

Woman: “Oh, no! Forget about it.”

(The woman stormed out and I noticed the man chuckling. My name was called and I got my pizzas. Others who were waiting started to complain. As I walked out I heard the cashier say, “She ordered two pizzas online…” — a small order, and online processes faster. I got to the car and noticed it was only 7:20 pm.)

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Seriously Flipped Out

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As a child, I was fairly quiet, a bit of a dreamer, and fairly easy to upset. Thus, when my first-grade teacher asked to speak to my mum one day after school, Mum figured I’d probably just had a run-in with a more brash child, or skinned a knee, or something like that.

Not quite.

In class, we’d been discussing what we wanted to be when we “grew up.” The usual occupations were brought up and discussed — teacher, firefighter, policeman, ambulance driver — and then my teacher made the mistake of asking me.

I said I wanted to be a dolphin.

“Oh, you mean a dolphin trainer?” my teacher asked.

Nope. I wanted to be a dolphin. 

When I was informed that I couldn’t actually be a dolphin, I started crying. Attempts to persuade me that I could work with dolphins or by dolphins were to no avail; I was determined to be a dolphin and only a dolphin, and nothing else would suffice.

While mum admitted — years later — that neither she nor the teacher could keep a straight face when discussing “the dolphin incident,” she — and the rest of my family — still take great delight in bringing up my early career choices at every opportunity.

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She’s Just As In The Dark As You Are

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(I’m relaxing at home after a brief hospital stay for surgery. My mother has come up to look after me, as I’m single and live alone, and has — as is her habit — fallen asleep on the sofa-bed. I’m sitting on the non-bed portion of the sofa, casually reading in silence, and am just starting to think about going down for a nap myself when she rolls over and sits bolt upright, looking at me with vacant, glassy eyes.)

Mum: “They’re coming.”

Me: *more than a little shocked* “Who’s coming?”

Mum: “The dark people. They’re coming.”

(She then rolled over and went straight back to sleep. No nap needed; I stayed very, very awake for the rest of the day. She professed no memory of the conversation once she woke up but I definitely remembered it for quite a while.)

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*I’m the customer in this story*
I recently had ordered some motors for a particular project of mine, and i had managed during the ordering steps to enter the wrong postal address (a PO BOX). Note that they intended to ship though TNT rather than generic post. I subsequently tried to ring to attempt to fix it. I assumed the worst and tried to ring Aus Post to see how i could get the package set to the proper PO BOX. This is the phone call that happened after waiting for a solid 30 mins to get in line for an operator.

Operator: “Hello my name is …. and what can i help with today”
Me: “Ye, i recently ordered some motors online, but i managed to send it to the wrong address PO BOX 3718 rather than PO BOX 3716”
Operator: “OK, do you have an shipping ID or tracking number there?”
Me: “No, i shipped with… Crap” *Having realized that was using TNT and not Aus Post* “I used TNT, oh no i’m one of ‘those’ callers, haaaaa…”
Operator: *slowly dying of laughter* “Nononono, its fine… Have a good day”
Me: “Ye thanks, at least it will be the quickest call of the day!” *click*