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So I’m serving a customer and slice her bread for her and ask if she wants anything else which she doesn’t.  I then go on to enter that into the till and tell her the price.

Customer: that’s gone up by 40 cents since last time
Me: no i don’t beleive so
Customer: no its definitely gone up
Me: no not for at least 2 years (how long I’ve been working there)
Customer: ah no its gone up by 40 cents since last time
Me: okay then…

Got Some Snazzmatazz

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(My manager has just come up to my desk at work. I’m 17, although have a few very high-up responsibilities that make much of the management staff view me as an adult.)

Manager: “Once you have finished all of the empty packaging write-offs, give me a ring and I’ll give you your gift card from head office.”

Me: “Oh, snazzy! Thanks, I won’t be too much longer with these.”

(The manager then smiles, and begins to walk away. Suddenly, his face screws up slightly, and he turns back to face me.)

Manager: “Did you just say, ‘snazzy’? I love that word!”

Me: “It is my favourite word; I say it a little too often.”

Manager: “It’s my favourite word, too, now. Thank you!”

(He then smiles again and leaves. Later, I go to collect the gift card from his office:)

Manager: “I think it’s only $10, but hey, I’m not complaining about free money.”

Me: *absentmindedly* “Yeah, snazzy. Thank you! See you tomorrow.”

(I then realise I said, “snazzy,” yet again in his presence, and I probably sound childish.)

Me: “Oh, sorry. I really need to stop saying, ‘snazzy.’”

Manager: “No, never stop. Keep being you, and rock the word ‘snazzy,’ darl’.”

(Now, whenever I say, ‘snazzy,’ I think of this exchange!)

Sad Panda Should Know Where They Are

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(The phone rings a couple of minutes after closing.)

Customer: “Hey, are you anywhere near me?”

Me: “I don’t know where you are.”

Customer: *talking to friends in the background* “Where are we?” *to me* “Someplace starting with T…” *relates suburb about five minutes’ drive away*

Me: “Yes, you’re about five minutes away but—”

Customer: *interrupts* “Sweet! What time do you close?”

Me: “Actually, we closed about five minutes ago.”

Customer: “Oh, man! My favourite store is closed! I’m a sad panda.” *click*

It Probably Was Before It Was Caught

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(I am working on a seafood buffet at a function for high school students.)

Student: “Which of your dishes are vegan?”

Me: “I’m not entirely sure; let me ask the chef.”

(I go and ask the chef, and come back to inform the student.)

Student: “Okay, great. Thanks. What about the fish?”

Me: “I beg your pardon?”

Student: “The fish. Is it vegan?”

Me: “Uh…”

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I work as a contractor in a very specialised field. I’ve had to drive 2 hours from the city in live in to fix a problem in another town as they don’t have anyone qualified. I’m not in the best of mood to begin with as the job is a callout and I’ve been smashed with callouts all week.

I’m in the deli department doing a repair and I will point out I’m scuffy, unshaven and wearing tradie gear so I look nothing like the staff in there clean white uniforms.

There is a line of customers and only one staff member serving. I’m going about my repair when I hear a mid 40’s lady going excuse me.

I ignore her for a bit but she is persistent.

Me: Sorry I don’t work her, just a contractor.

Lady: Quarter a roast chook.

Me: *pointing to staff member* she works here, you have to wait.

Lady: I want the leg piece.

Me: Look lady I don’t work for here, see the tools, uniform, my hands. Dirty hands, fixing things. You don’t want me touching your food.

Lady: Gross, you need to wash your hands. How can you work here without washing your hands.

Me: I don’t!

Lady: I’m going to write and letter to complain.

Another customer: Are you stupid, he obviously does not work here.

Wish I could say this doesn’t happen regularly.

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