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(I volunteer at the Olympic park where there is an information and mobility service which is where I do my work. This includes hiring mobility scooters out to people and we have to prioritise those with mobility issues who want to visit the park (eg. pregnant, elderly). This boy who looked 12 or 13 (considering I’m 16) came up to me and we sometimes do have to try and deter teenagers from trying to hire the scooters if they want to mess about in them)
Customer: Can I hire one of your scooters?
Me: We have to prioritise people with mobility issues? Do you have mobility issues?
Customer (jokingly): I’m fat. (he was)
Me (jokingly): You might want to walk it off then!
Customer (seemingly upset): What?!
(He then walked away and if I did hurt his feelings, I’m sorry but I can’t rent out scooters to teenagers unless they’re in crutches or something like that so…)