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I work at a retail videogame store.  We do this thing where if a customer trades in a game without a case, we make a case with generic coverart for it without offering less in trade to the Customer.  Meaning that we don’t offer a game for less selling it just because it doesn’t have the original cover art.

A customer comes in looking for a specific driving game. We find the game, which has generic cover art selling for $40.

Customer: “We can get this game off the system store for 24 bucks!”

Me: “Oh. That sounds like a good deal.”

Customer: “Well would we get a discount since the cover art is missing?”

Me: “Oh, well we have more in the drawer if your looking for an case with actual cover art if you want that, but no we don’t offer any less fo a game based on the cover art. ”

Customer: “But we can get it online for $24.”

Me: “Right.”

Customer: “Well don’t you want my money??”

Me: ” Well, I mean, if you want it at that price, we sell currency for your system. I could sell you a $25 code that you can add to your wallet. Then you can just buy the game online.”

I walked away after that, a little upset.  He was the first customer of the day. If the game would have been 5 bucks cheaper, all honesty I would have discounted it, but I’m not putting my job on the line to save you 15 bucks when you can just as easily buy it for that price online.  Take from someone who works in retail. Just be happy with the price and buy it or go on your merry way. Unless you know the company price matches, don’t tell them where you can get it cheaper. The accociate doesn’t care.

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