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(one day while at work our baker did not show up so we were a man down and had trouble keeping up)

Me: hello how may i help you

Customer: hi can i have (doughnut)

Me: i am sorry we ran out of that doughnut would you like another one

Customer: ill wait

Me: i am sorry but we don’t have the doughnut and our baker didn’t come today

Customer: ok ill wait

Me: sir we don’t have the doughnut is there another doughnut you want

Customer: nope ill wait
(hands me a dollar)

Me: sir we don’t have the doughnut right now

Customer: let me speak to your manager

Me: Ok

(i call the manager over she ends up getting the customer out then about a day later the customer complains to my boss my boss tried to explain the situation of why we didn’t have the doughnut. We never saw the customer again)