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(As is wont to happen with girls working in a game store, my employees get a lot of unwanted attention from male customers. One customer, who works with the mall management, has been buying the girls coffee every time he comes in but doesn’t give it to them until he’s pestered them and dropped hints about asking them out on dates. My employees didn’t mind him as he wasn’t overly sexual or creepy, and free coffee!!)
Female employee 1: Oh man, I just saw (Coffee Guy) walking towards us with the big bosses AND our coffee.
Me: Seriously, he’s gonna try picking you up in front of his bosses?? How tactful *dripping sarcasm*
Female Employee 2: *who was cleaning up near the front of the store* Yeah, and it’s all the bosses who treat us like idiots when they come in. *sigh*
Me: Oh that’s their head office crew, wonderful just what I want to start my day, listening to HIM while YOU get free coffee!
(We could hear the whole troupe of them getting closer, laughing, joking, being “corporates” and start walking past our 14ftx14ft front window. We see him gesture to the coffee before making an immediate left turn to enter our store. Unfortunately, the entrance wasn’t for another 3ft and he walked face (and coffee) first right into the window and all we saw was an Rorschach-esque explosion of coffee.Stunned for a second, everyone in my store and everyone outside the store immediately burst into laughter,)
Me: Oooh look a coffee butterfly! *before collapsing behind the counter trying not to laugh TOO loudly*
(The poor coffee-soaked Romeo, pushed himself off the glass and just stared down at his drenched suit, then took off running for the office building and as far away from the roaring laughter echoing behind him. Needless to say he rarely ever came in from that time on, my poor girls though, no more free coffee for them. AND mall management had to send people to clean our window, BONUS!)