Unable To Kinect To Your Plan

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(I work at a local used video game store chain. Since we deal in every console, we receive a lot of cool things sometimes. However, it also brings a lot of questionable material. For instance, today a customer walks in and doesn’t even look at me.)

Customer: “Hey, man, I need 30 bucks for this unopened Kinect.”

Me: “Well, normally, I’d be happy to take it, but this location already has two of them and it has to be open. Also, I don’t really have any spare cash avail–“

(He cuts me off.)

Customer: *in a pitiful tone* “Dude, I’ll take 25; just please give me some money!”

(At this point I have no intention of dealing with this man, so I tell him we aren’t able to do it. He walks quickly back to the door, opens it, and shouts:)

Customer: “This place sucks; they never give me money!”

(He then exited the store and ran off. He forgot his Kinect. Upon closer inspection, the box was opened, and instead of a Kinect, it had a few DVDs and a PlayStation 2 controller.)

Rated-M For Mother

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(A customer is buying a Rated-M game.)

Me: “Are you 17 or older?”

Teenager: “Uh, no.”

Me: “Then you’re going to have to get someone who is to buy this game for you. Legally, I can’t sell it to anyone under 17.”

(He then goes to get his mom.)

Mother: “What? The other [Game Store]s don’t make me do this. They just ask me to confirm I know it’s M-rated. This is so gay…”

Me: *hoping I misheard her* “I’m sorry for the inconvenience, ma’am, but it’s the law.”

(As the PIN-pad asks the customer to type in their PIN, the son reaches to do it.)

Me: “Unfortunately, she has to enter the PIN, as well. You could just whisper it to her, or…”

(I’m interrupted by the son grabbing his mom’s hand and physically entering the PIN that way.)

Mother: *laughing* “Wow, that’s gay. I can’t believe I have to do this!” *turns to her daughter, also with her* “Isn’t this gay?”

(As the receipt prints, I’m supposed to tell them about a survey at the bottom, but instead, I put on my fakest smile and just silently hand it to her as I hear her continue to talk about how “gay” it is that she follows the law.)

Me: *a gay man* “Have a nice day, ma’am.”

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(I am a woman in my early 20’s, working part-time in a local game store whilst sorting out my life properly. I am of Arabic descent, though I have distanced myself from my family, am an athiest, and live on my own in the UK. A cheerful looking lady comes in, and I greet her. She answers, but straight after she stops for a moment to stare at me.)

Me: (Slightly confused, but trying to look happy) Is something wrong, ma’am?
Customer: Is your name Sid?
Me: …Sid?
Customer: Yeah! You know, like Alexander Siddig! Sid! You look so much like him!
Me: (I am a particularly big fan of Siddig’s work, even more so that he’s recently been in Game of Thrones. I am still a little perplexed, as I am much younger, and to top it off, female.) I…can’t say I get that very often. Is that a good thing?
Customer: Yes! Oh, I know! Do the line from that one movie!
Me: Alexander Siddig has been in quite a few films, unfortunately. And unfortunately, I’m not him.
Customer: Oh, but you must be! You’ve got the hair, and the eyes, and the skin, and the…
Me: Don’t say ‘the beard’.
Customer: (Looking disappointed) So, you’re not him?
Me: (Chuckling awkwardly) No, ma’am, I’m not. Now that’s over with, is there anything I can help you with?
Customer: (Seemingly under her breath, but still loud enough that I and everyone in the store can hear) No…filthy Halal-preaching swines. Go get married off by your mother, or something.

(She then stormed out in a big huff. I was confused and slightly annoyed–more annoyed at myself for not being able to go into a big rant about how I’m not a ‘swine’ of any kind, and how my mother will not be doing such a thing. I suppose that might have been for the best, really.)

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I work at a retail videogame store.  We do this thing where if a customer trades in a game without a case, we make a case with generic coverart for it without offering less in trade to the Customer.  Meaning that we don’t offer a game for less selling it just because it doesn’t have the original cover art.

A customer comes in looking for a specific driving game. We find the game, which has generic cover art selling for $40.

Customer: “We can get this game off the system store for 24 bucks!”

Me: “Oh. That sounds like a good deal.”

Customer: “Well would we get a discount since the cover art is missing?”

Me: “Oh, well we have more in the drawer if your looking for an case with actual cover art if you want that, but no we don’t offer any less fo a game based on the cover art. ”

Customer: “But we can get it online for $24.”

Me: “Right.”

Customer: “Well don’t you want my money??”

Me: ” Well, I mean, if you want it at that price, we sell currency for your system. I could sell you a $25 code that you can add to your wallet. Then you can just buy the game online.”

I walked away after that, a little upset.  He was the first customer of the day. If the game would have been 5 bucks cheaper, all honesty I would have discounted it, but I’m not putting my job on the line to save you 15 bucks when you can just as easily buy it for that price online.  Take from someone who works in retail. Just be happy with the price and buy it or go on your merry way. Unless you know the company price matches, don’t tell them where you can get it cheaper. The accociate doesn’t care.

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(I am a female-to-male transgender individual. I am pre-transition and due to a combination of health issues and certain unwanted assets being too large to safely bind, I am unable to pass as male, though I do dress in a more masculine fashion.

Tonight is the release of the newest and last game in a very popular bat-themed superhero video game series. I have a copy for PS4 pre-ordered and have just arrived to join the queue of gamers waiting for the game to be released. In the past, the people closest to the door of the store are in the back of the line, so I go to stand there. There’s a group of guys of varying ages that are obviously together, and they begin staring at me with rather snotty looks on their faces. One guy in particular seems to be their leader.)

Him:  “Hey uh, I don’t mean to be rude. But uh, you’re in the wrong line.” (His tone was rude and confrontational despite his choice of words.)

Me: “Is this the line for Arkham Knight?”

Friends #1 & #2: *scoffs* Yeah!

Me: “Then I’m not in the wrong line.”

(They all exchange annoyed expressions and looks of disbelief, as though I had a lot of nerve standing in that line.)

Leader: “You getting it for your boyfriend or something?”

Me: “My husband isn’t a big fan of the Arkham games.”

(They look at me incredulously.)

Leader: “You play the Arkham games?”

Me: “Yep. I love Batman.”

(They keep exchanging looks, giving me looks, and muttering sexist things.)

Leader: “Yeah, well, this is the front of the line. Get in the back of the line.”

Me: *Shrug* “Alright.”

(I go to ask a store employee who is checking people’s receipts where the back of the line is, because I most certainly don’t want to cut in front of anyone else.)

Me: “Excuse me, where’s the back of the line? Those gentlemen over there *I point to them* insisted that was the front of the line.”

Female Employee: “*Follows my finger and rolls her eyes and sighs in disgust* It doesn’t matter where the “front” of the line is. Everyone will have to line up outside soon.”

Me: “*Smile apologetically to her* Alright. Thank you.”

(Soon the line moves outside and the group of guys are confronting people that are at the front of the newly formed line.)

Leader: “Make room, we were here first!”

Guy: “I’ve been standing here for a few minutes.”

Leader: “We were at the front of the line!”

Female Employee: “Either get behind them, go to the back of the line, or come get your game tomorrow!”

Leader: “We were at the front of the line! *Angrily stomps behind the people at the front of the line*”

(When it comes time to go inside and get my game, those guys are walking out as I’m walking inside, and they once again shoot me a plethora of dirty looks.

I really love gaming, but I absolutely hate the sexism within the gaming community.)

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