Refunder Blunder, Part 39

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(A customer comes into the store to return a Wii console.)

Me: “Do you have the receipt?”

Customer: “Oh, it’s in my car; I’ll go get it.”

(He comes back in and hands me a crumpled receipt, folded over.)

Me: *looks at receipt* “Sir, this receipt is for [Competing Store].”

Customer: “So?”

Me: “So, I can’t give you a refund if you didn’t purchase it from here.”

Customer: “But you sell these here, so I should be able to return it here.”

Me: “Yes, sir, we sell them here, but you gave your money to [Competing Store], not to [Our Store], so we can not return the money we never had in our possession. That’s a loss for our company, and a gain for our competitor, and I wouldn’t even be able to sell this system as new because it has been opened and played.”

Customer: “Let me speak to your manager!”

Me: “I am the manager on duty at this time, but I will tell you that even our corporate office will tell you the same thing.”

Customer: “But you have Wiis here! I don’t see the problem!”

Me: *mentally slams head into counter repeatedly*

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The Phone Is On But No One’s Home

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(I am the customer in this story. I am in a video game store.)

Manager: “Hey! Welcome to [Store].”

Me: “Hey.”

Manager: “Anything I can help you find?”

Me: “I want [Currency Code for Gaming System].”

(He continues the process and asks for my phone number. This store has a rewards program in which can you earn points to get merchandise or coupons. I finish paying and then realize I didn’t have him scan my card.)

Me: “Shoot! I forgot to give you my card for the purchase to get some more points.”

Manager: “That’s why I asked for your phone number.”

Me: “Oh, yeah. That makes sense! Thanks!”

(I left the store just a bit embarrassed. Needless to say, I’m glad I’m a regular there so they know me well.)

Didn’t Figure On His Kindness

, , , | Right | June 29, 2018

(I work at a well-known video game store. We just got in an exclusive figure from my favorite TV show, and a customer and his friend come in looking for it.)

Customer: “I’m looking for [figure]; do you have any?”

Me: “We have them right here!” *points to the only three we have in stock* “They are so cool! And they are exclusives. I want one but can’t afford to be spending money on figures right now.”

(His friend puts one on hold to pick up later and he turns to my coworker.)

Customer: “Isn’t there a buy-two-get-one-50%-off thing going on for these right now?”

Coworker: “Yes, there is; did you want to pick something else up?”

Customer: “Yeah, I think I will take both of them—” *the remaining two figures* “—and this.” *he finds a different character and adds it to the group*

Me: “Well, there you go. Now I won’t have the temptation!”

(At this point, I have handed over the conversation and transaction to my coworker while I work on other things. I take notice of him again just as he is finishing his transaction. He pulls one of the figures out of his bag and hands it out in my direction.)

Customer: “Oh, by the way, this is for you!”

Me: “Really?!”

Customer: “Yup!”

Me: *jumping around with excitement* “Thank you so much!”

(I spent the next five minutes geeking out and dancing with excitement. He ended up forgetting something and coming back in, and I thanked him two more times. Best customer ever; he made my year.)

Cycle On To The Dealership

, , , | Right | June 3, 2018

(I work in a video game store that also has consoles that people can rent for the hour. Since the surrounding streets are a tad unsafe, my boss lets me keep my motorcycle inside the store, next to my work station. One day a man with a kid starts looking around the store and approaches me.)

Customer: “How much is the motorcycle?”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Customer: *points at my motorcycle* “That one. How much is it?”

Me: “It’s mine; I don’t sell it.”

Customer: “Don’t be ridiculous. It’s in the store; it must be for sale. How much?

Me: *giving up* “30,000 pesos.”

Customer: “What? That’s insane! In [Dealership], it’s only 14,000!”

Me: “May be a better idea to buy it there, then.”

Should Buy A Listening Game

, , , | Right | May 6, 2018

Me: *answers phone* “Trade and save at [Store], [Location]. This is [My Name].”

Customer: “Hi, is this [Store]?”

Me: “Yes, it is.”

Customer: “Do you trade games?”

Me: “Yes, we do.”

Customer: “Wait, is this the [Location] store?”

Me: “Yes, it is.”

Customer: “Wow, thanks a lot! You’ve been very helpful. Who was I speaking to?”

Me: “This is [My Name].”

Customer: “Thanks! Bye!”

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