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12 Stories That Show How Much We Need Black History Month

| Right | February 1, 2021

Dear readers,

Today is the first day of February. In the USA, that means it’s the beginning of Black History Month. This is a special month where special focus is given to generations of African-American history. Ranging from the untold horrors and personal stories of those enslaved to celebrating writers, poets, and important historical figures involved in the centuries-long African-American story.

For those who wonder why we need a Black History Month, look no further than the following twelve stories. While not everyone involved in these stories may be malicious, or intentionally racist, the general ignorance on display is more than enough to prove why education matters, and why on this particular subject, it really matters.


This Is Why We Need Black History Month – For the last time… not all black people are African-American!

Put Into Historical Context – So what about the other eleven months of the year?

Don’t Be A Slave To History – We hope this professor was six-fifths fired.

Reason 8,447 Why We Need Black History Month – They say you have to love family but you can only go so far…

Don’t Be A Slave To History, Part 5 – If you’re studying the history of medical ethics then Black History Month still has you covered.

She’s A Royal Idiot – She’s probably confused why Malcolm’s family name was so short, too.

Not Marrying Into That Klan – Don’t be gaslit into thinking this is ever okay!

Don’t Be A Slave To History, Part 4 – Black people have been enslaved to society long after the “official” end of slavery – and the confusion about that just proves this further.

Won’t Be Enslaved To Their Ignorance – A real danger to education is a narrow-minded educator.

Don’t Be A Slave To History, Part 3 – The more you read this little story, the worse it gets.

Miranda Rights And Wrongs – A modern component of studying Black History sadly involves addressing some modern societal issues that should have been consigned to history.

Don’t Be A Slave To History, Part 2 – Some students thinking that “Slavery!” is the go-to answer for any historical question is another good reason for Black History Month. That being said, there are plenty of black narratives worth telling in World War 2!


We hope you found this Black History Month roundup interesting. Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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