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Miranda Rights And Wrongs

| Learning | August 19, 2016

(This story takes place during my US history class. The majority of my school is black or Hispanic. It also helps to add that my teacher is very young and white, but she tries to relate to us as best she can. We are learning about the Bill of Rights and she is trying to make it relevant to current events.)

Teacher: “Did you know that in our country, if the police stop you on the street you do not have to talk to them? You have the right to be on the street the same as anyone else. If they stop you, all you should say is, “am I under arrest?” If you are, your Miranda Rights say you don’t need to speak to them. If you are not under arrest, you can keep walking!”

Student: *in front wearing a Black Lives Matter t-shirt:* “You don’t know anything, Ms. [My Name]! If I tried that the cops would shoot me! I’m black! I don’t have rights!”

Teacher: *stares at his shirt* “I don’t think you understand what that shirt means…”

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