11 Stories About Customers With Hilariously Bad Knowledge Of History

| Right | November 9, 2020

Dear readers,

History is a HUGE subject, and no one can be expected to know it all. Can you name every President of the United States, or do you know the year Constantinople was founded? However, there are some common facts of history that everyone should know –  for example, in WW2 the Nazis were the bad guys (and they STILL are!).

The next eleven stories from our archives are about customers with history knowledge gaps so big, you could fit the Roman Empire through it and still have some room for a few Chinese dynasties. These stories will go down in history!


The Great Emancipator Died Sooner Than Later – Anything that happened before I was born happened at the same time.

War On Knowledge – Okay, this is just painful.

Has Faith But Lost All Pope – First things first: can you read Aramaic?

I Have A Dream And A Voice – Hits from the comments: “Silly customer, The King’s Speech is obviously about Elvis Presley!”

Houston Had It Easy – You’re probably thinking of Roswell. Close, though.

Born Yesterday – What are they teaching in schools these days?!

Lack Of Grey Matter, Part 3 – Ope, there goes my last brain cell.

A Few Knights Short Of A Round Table – “On second thought, let’s not go to Camelot. It is a silly place.”

It’s Not Just The Message That Never Dies – You have to do the brain things before you do the mouth things.

Pages Of A Post-Apocalyptic Persuasion – Oh, just wait a few years…

So Pho, So Crazy – Ignorance of history can be dangerous.


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