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Zero Tolerance On Zero Cost

, , , | Right | November 19, 2021

I was connected to a potential client through networking. Their website claimed to have worked on high-profile projects that I had doubts they actually worked on so I made sure to get a down payment and contract. They said they wanted a very specific 3D model based on a specific photo. No problem for me. After the initial rough work was done we had this exchange:

Client: “Looks great, we just want to add this extra thing.”

Me: “Happy to do it. That will cost extra, however.”

Client: “Can’t you just be flexible, man?”

Me: “You said you wanted the exact model from the photo and we signed a contract, so if you want me to be flexible with the model, you have to be flexible with the money. It’ll cost extra.”

Client: *Huffing and puffing.* “Let me talk to the superiors about it.”

The next day:

Client: “The team says go ahead with the original plan.”

After the next review:

Client: “Looks great! we love your work and are so happy to be working with you!”

If I had let them start making extra requests, it would have never ended. Free extras: Not even once!

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