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23 Infuriating Stories About Lazy Customers

| Right | August 11, 2020

Dear readers,

It’s great to have a lazy day now and again. Wake up late, watch Netflix, snooze on the couch, it’s wonderful. Sadly, by the behavior exhibited by the customers found in the following 23 stories, they seem to have mistaken taking a lazy day to mean having a lazy life. So settle in, be lazy for a few minutes, and enjoy the following roundup of slothful inactivity!


This Is Why We’re In A Recession, Part 6 – The bank makes you responsible for your own money. If this surprises you, how do you even have money to begin with?

The Price Of Laziness – Feel free to be as lazy as possible, but you won’t be so calm when the bill comes in.

Maybe If I Just Dial Random Numbers – Wrong number or not, they got you and you’re gonna help them.

Fully Armed And Operational Feminine Wiles – You mean I have to pump the gas, myself?!

Bureaucracy’s Hidden Benefits – If they think getting a job is less work than an interview, then hoo boy…

Thy Laziness Knows No Bounds – When it’s outrageous to expect people to come to your restaurant to eat the food.

Students Don’t Hit The Books Like They Used To – We’d love to see this student’s face when they realize they have to do the work themself.

Everyone Loves A Cynic – Laziness, look in a mirror.

When Customers Shop Past Their Naptime – Automatic doors have created some spoiled monsters.

Lazy Beyond Relief – When it’s a genuine decision between filling out a form or saving your house – you know you’ve got productivity problems.

Yes, Your Highness – Meet the entitled customer who thinks every place has a personal shopper, and we mean EVERY place.

The Epitome of Lazy – To do a return, you kinda have to return…

Misplaced Responsibility – Lazy customers expect you to the price-matching for them.

Pressing All The Wrong Buttons, Part 2 – They already pressed the buttons to dial your number, isn’t that enough?!

The Formula For Laziness – This may be lazy, but we’re honestly impressed.

Found Next To The Irony Section – Too tired to exercise, and too tired to even READ about exercise.

Nemo Would Not Have Survived This One – Too lazy to own a pet. Maybe they should get a cactus?

Winner Of The No-Door-Bell Prize – Doors… old school.

Overly Essaying The Situation – Has this guy ever filled out a form in his life?

Too Lazy Even For The Devil’s Playthings – Can’t the phone just know what I need and do it for me?

Laziness Has Its Advantages – They’ve hit their walking quota for the day.

Sloth Goes Shopping – The phone call is coming from inside the store!

Bad News On Laundry Day – We end this roundup as we started it, with a customer shocked that the bank makes them do things…


We hope you enjoyed this lazy roundup! Let us know in the comments if there were any stories we were too lazy to include! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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