You’re Not In Training, But They Should Be

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(I am about twelve and I am quite “developed.” My mother is taking me shopping for a bra. As we do not have a lot of funds, she takes me to the local hypermarket.)

Mom: *walks up to service counter in clothes department* “Is there any way we could have somebody come over and help us look for a particular size bra?”

Employee: “Yes, I’ll call someone over.”

Mom: “Thanks.”

(We wait with our items until another employee shows up to help us.)

Employee: “Hello, ladies. I’m [Employee]. What can I help you with?”

Mom: “Ah, yes, we are looking for a bra in [size] for my daughter.”

Employee: “Well, she does look quite young. Are you sure she is ready for bras quite yet?”

Mom: “Yes, she has been wearing bras for a few years now. As you can see, she is quite developed.”

Employee: “I see. Well, come with me.”

(We follow her, and she takes us up to a display of what are obviously training bras.)

Employee: “Here you are! Now, getting used to wearing bras can be quite difficult, so I suggest wearing these ones here—”

Mom: “Um, ma’am? We aren’t looking for training bras; we are just looking for [size] for my daughter.”

Employee: “Oh, no, no, no. She needs to get used to wearing one of these first!”

Mom: “She has already been wearing them for quite a while now; I don’t think we will be needing those.”

Employee: “Of course; you will! Getting used to—”

(I cut in.)

Me: “Miss, you aren’t listening. I stopped wearing training bras when I was ten. I’ve been wearing regular bras for two years now. We know what we are talking about. Besides, I don’t think any of those would fit, anyway.” *gestures to my chest*

Employee: *looking shocked* “Well, I… I…”

Me: “Now, if you would kindly show us where we can find [size], that would be great.”

(The employee proceeded to take us to the proper section, giving my mother dirty looks the whole time. Honestly, the nerve of some people!)

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