Your Fling With A Mask Means We Fling Your Groceries

, , , , | Right | May 4, 2021

I’m grocery shopping at a store where the cashiers scan your items into a cart and you bag them yourself. I’m wearing my mask, as required by the store and a statewide mask mandate, while the woman behind me is not. The cashier scans my groceries at the normal pace I’d expect, and I head over to the bagging counter as she starts scanning the items of the maskless lady behind me. I notice the cashier scans and tosses the items into the cart as fast as she possibly can, to the obvious annoyance of the woman.

Customer: “Can you stop flinging my groceries into the cart?!”

Cashier: *In a tone suggesting she is well beyond caring* “I’m the manager of this store, and I implemented a new policy yesterday which is if you’re not wearing a mask, I don’t care about your groceries. I want you out of my store.”

I finished my bagging and left the store laughing, so I don’t know what sort of fit the customer started throwing after that, but man, to live every retail worker’s dream, if only for a moment!

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