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You Can’t Mask It With Charm

, , , , | Right | September 4, 2020

With the new mandated mask order, most people have been understanding that they still need to wear a mask while in the gym and working out. We have a number of signs posted, as well.

I am at the front desk greeting members when a member walks in without a mask. 

Me: “Hi, welcome in! Before you come in, do you happen to have your mask with you?”

Member: “Oh, do I need one?”

Me: “Yes, you do.”

Member: *Smiling* “I don’t have one.”

Me: “With the new order, it is mandatory, so you will need one if you are going to be staying.”

I’m about to tell him I have some for sale but he cuts me off.

Member: *Still smiling* “But I don’t have one.”

Me: “Well, I can sell you a disposable one for $1, a face shield for $5, or a reusable mask for $10.”

Member: *Frowns* “I have one in my car.”

He wasn’t rude, but I definitely got the feeling that he knew the mask was mandatory and was trying to charm his way out of wearing one. Once he realized I was not going to let it slide, all of sudden, he now had one.

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