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I work at a gym that is across from a football field used by the general public. Quite often people come in from the football field asking to use our bathrooms. We have signs on all of our doors labeled “No public restrooms” but still constantly get people trying to sympathize their way in. A mother and her daughter come into the club and the following conversation ensues.
Daughter: *With an attitude* I have to use the bathroom, where is it?
Me: Are you members here?
Daughter: No.
Me: I’m sorry but unfortunately we do not have public restrooms but the fie-
*Mother cuts me off*
Mother: My daughter is on her period and she needs to use the bathroom!
Me: Again, I’m sorry but I can’t let you use our bathrooms as it is company policy but the field offers porta-pottys to its users.
Mother and daughter leave mumbling under their breath angrily. I’m guessing it wasn’t just the daughters time of the month.

This Contract Is Full Of Donut Holes

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(The gym where I’m employed has a monthly fee and a smaller fee that’s automatically charged on the same day once a year. This fee is to help cover maintenance, new equipment, paint/tile upgrades, parking lot resurfacing, etc. I work at the front desk, and as this is my first year, this is my first time fielding questions regarding this charge. I have been dealing with dozens of phone calls and walk-ins from angry members for the past week when a regular member comes in carrying a box of donuts.)

Member: “I saw you all charged me a fee on top of my regular monthly fee last week.”

Me: *preparing for the worst* “Yes, ma’am, if you still have a copy of your contract you’ll see—“

Member: “Oh, I know, I read my contract after seeing the charge and found where it says you all need a yearly enhancement fee. I bet you’ve had to explain it to many angry people.”

Me: “You have no idea!”

Member: “Well, I was almost one of them until I read my contract again. I can only imagine what you all up front have had to go through with this. I thought these donuts might brighten your day, as well as the rest of the front desk crew.”

Me: “Wow! Thank you so much!”

Member: “No worries. Don’t let the bad ones get you down!”

(My faith in humanity and my club’s members was pretty much restored after that!)

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(I work at a rock climbing gym and run summer camps for kids. Every day, when the kids get there, we start by giving them their climbing shoes. We have both velcro and lace up shoes, and the lace up ones run smaller. A mother and her 6 year old daughter arrive almost 15 minutes late.)

Me: Hi, [daughter]! Do you know your shoe size?
Mother: Size 2.
(I give the mother a pair of velcro shoes and they leave to put them on. The mother comes back almost immediately with the shoes.)
Mother: *accusingly* There’s no way these are size 2. They’re way too big. The 2s fit fine yesterday, so there’s no way these are the same size.
Me: I’m sorry, that’s really weird. These should be size 2 but maybe there’s been a mistake. I’ll get you another pair.
(The shoes are definitely size 2, so I give the mother a pair of lace ups this time. She leaves to put them on, and I overhear:)
Daughter: They’re too small.
Mother: No they’re not!
Daughter: Yes they are!
Mother: They’re not too small! You think they’re too small?! Why don’t you go and ask the lady, then! She’ll tell you they’re the right size!
Daughter: They’re too small!
Mother: Stop it! You’re embarrassing yourself in front of all these people!
(At this point I step in)
Me: *to daughter* Can you tell me how your shoes feel? They’re meant to be snug, but they shouldn’t hurt.
Daughter: They really hurt…
Me: OK, that means that they’re too small. Let’s get you the velcro ones that were a bit bigger.
Mother: See what you’ve done?! You’re wasting everybody’s time!
Me: *not mentioning that it’s the mother who showed up 15 minutes late and then complained* No no, getting the right fit is super important! This is what I’m here for!
(I get her the velcro shoes she started with, which lo and behold fit perfectly fine, while the mother glares at both of us.)

This Relationship Sounds Exhausting But Really Sweet

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A friend of mine is in a long-distance relationship. They are both extremely athletic and competitive. A local gym holds a 1-2-3-4 challenge each year. You swim one mile, run two miles, bike three miles, and then do a series of four exercises: 100 pushups, 100 situps, 100 pullups, and 100 squats. It’s a charity event, people can compete in teams or individually, and a lot of people dress up.

My friend and his girlfriend often exercise “together” by video chatting from their home gyms while working out, using Bluetooth headsets to call while running, and sharing their Fitbit data, etc. She says she’ll do the challenge “with him.”

Come the day of the challenge, my friend is frustrated when he can’t get hold of her, but he decides to still go as hard as he can, hoping to be the first to finish/win the challenge.

He ends up coming second to someone dressed as a chicken.

It’s the end of the challenge, and most people are lying around exhausted, my friend included. He’s also super frustrated that he still can’t get a hold of his girlfriend and that not only did he lose, but he lost to a chicken.

He tries calling his girlfriend again, and when he can’t get hold of her, he turns to me and loudly asks, “Why isn’t she answering?!”

At this point, the chicken pulls her head off and answers, “Because I was busy kicking your a**!”

I’ve never seen someone go from exhausted and frustrated to elated so quickly. He jumps up and hugs her, spinning her round.

He then grabs her hand and pulls her out of the gym, and I hear her giggle and say, “Told you I would do the work out with you!”

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Your Mental Health Is Not Worth Ours

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(I am a general manager at a gym that bills members through credit card only — no debit card; it would have to be billed to the checking account number. I get a phone call about a member needing to update their billing and I explain to them our billing policy, including that all billing updates must be done in person and cannot under any circumstances be done over the phone. This is also stated in our membership agreements that the members sign upon beginning a membership and again when any changes are made to the agreement. About an hour after I receive this phone call, a woman enters with her boyfriend.)

Woman: “I need to update my billing.”

(She hands me a card that very clearly states, “DEBIT.”)

Me: “Do you have a non-debit credit card, or your routing and account number associated with your bank? We can’t bill it to debit cards.”

(There is literally zero hesitation before a deafening tantrum ensues.)

Woman: “What the f***?! I just called and was told to bring this in, you b****-a** motherf*****! And now you’re telling me I can’t?! F*** you!”

(The woman continues rambling incoherently, and I immediately disregard her tantrum.)

Me: “Okay, you’re cancelled.”

(By this point, there are probably fifty members all staring in our direction wondering what set her off so quickly. It is a somewhat sizable gym, and the front desk is closer to the entrance, and members all the way in the back are staring. My staff and I disregard her tantrum and she leaves, but not without screaming while her boyfriend leaves with her. Of course, she protests, but we do not have to continue engaging with customers once they throw out profane insults and psychotically scream at us. Furthermore, my staff and other respectable members do not feel safe around this unpredictable woman. Later, her boyfriend calls us.)

Boyfriend: “I’m sorry; it was my fault for not relaying the billing information. I was the one who called. Can she have her membership back? She’s been struggling with her mental health for a while and the gym has really been helping her, and I’d like to keep going with her.”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but my staff and other members don’t feel safe around her after witnessing what happened. You’re more than welcome to sign up for your own membership since I know you enjoy coming as her guest, but she isn’t allowed back here.”

(Neither of them ever came back.)

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