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You Can Eventually Close The Door On This Sale

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I sold an internal door online on a local selling group. It was brand new and a bargain; I only sold it as the previous owners left it behind.

I took plenty of photos and supplied the measurements. The guy collected when he said he would and paid cash. I thought it was all good until a few days later when he messaged me.

Customer: “This door is the wrong size; I want my money back.”

Me: “I supplied all the measurements with the ad. You can see I even took photos of the tape measure.”

Customer: “It doesn’t fit my door frame; I want to return it.”

Me: “I’m not a shop. I don’t do returns.”

Customer: “You have to! It’s the law!”

Me: “No, it’s not. You bought as-is. The door was described properly. It sounds like you didn’t measure the door frame properly.”

Customer: “I am coming right now to return the door.”

Me: “Do what you want, but I’m not taking it back and I’m certainly not giving you any money for it.”

A few hours later, he showed up with the door, knocked, and rang the bell, but I ignored him. To my surprise, he left the door, which left me with a problem: it was still his property and I was supposed to take reasonable care of it. I stuck it in the garage and told him to collect his door. He ignored me.

A few months later, I still had a door I didn’t need and his money that he wasn’t entitled to, so I sold the door again, this time without issue.

It was the most problematic and profitable sale I ever had to make.

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