Won’t Be Getting His Paws On That This Christmas

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(It’s Black Friday and my sister-in-law told me a few days ago that my nephew wants the “Paw Patrol” tower. I tell her I will try to convince my father to buy it for him. We’re at a store when I mention to him the gift he could buy for his grandson. Just so you know, my father is known for being a bit cheap.)

Dad: “Sure, I’ll buy it for him. How much does it cost?”

(I go to the toy selection and see it costs about $70. I then turn back, not even going to attempt to get it, and return to my dad.)

Me: “Never mind. I know you’re not going to get him that.”

Dad: “Why? Tell me how much it costs.”

(I then show him where I found it, and he sees the price.)

Dad: “Yeah, you’re right. I love my grandson but not that much.”

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