Wish She Would Make Moose Tracks And Leave

, , , , | Right | September 24, 2018

I work at a local ice cream shop. During the summer, it is insanely popular. Every day there is a line that goes out the door. It is a weekend, and we are trying to move people along. The policy is to keep the line moving down so others have a chance to see the selection of ice cream.

A customer asks me for a double scoop of moose tracks and I get it for her. As I hand it to her, she refuses to take it, saying it is too much. I explain to her that I can’t put it back and this is what she ordered, but she denies the ice cream.

As this is going on, there is another worker explaining to customers they have to keep moving the line down. This customer loses it and starts yelling at my coworker, saying she is being rude and pushy even though she was only following the policy.

The manager has just started his shift, and talks to the customer, but she yells at him and storms out. I have to throw away the ice cream — which is worth ten dollars — and everyone is upset and confused. A few minutes after the incident, her husband comes in and apologizes for her behavior.

And then, a few moments later, I learn that that nightmarish woman is our state representative.

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