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When The Whole World (Or Waiting Room) Is Your Sounding Board

, , , , , | Healthy | November 4, 2022

I’m a walk-in at an urgent care center, simply trying to get blood work done. I plunk myself down in the waiting room, pull out my phone, and begin the wait. It’s just after eleven in the morning. 

A woman across from me is agitated, huffing and puffing and tapping her foot, arms crossed. She’s tossing her hair like an angry pony and complaining in a rather loud stage whisper to the man sitting next to her. 

Woman: “It’s 11:15. I have an appointment. If I was this late, I wouldn’t have clients. This is unacceptable. I’m not a walk-in. I have an appointment. No doctor is this busy. They’re lazy. There’s no excuse for this. If I have to wait another five minutes I’m leaving. Fifteen minutes late for an appointment!”

She continues on every minute or so like this. The man next to her is reading the paper and is barely paying her any attention. Because we’re masked and I’m looking down at my phone, she can’t tell I’m laughing at her; she doesn’t notice me.

Woman: “It’s 11:20! If they don’t take me by 11:30, I’m leaving. I have an appointment. I’m not a walk-in. This is grossly unacceptable. No excuse. This wouldn’t be acceptable if it was me.”

Woman: “It’s 11:25! I swear, if I’m not called back by 11:30, I’m leaving. Lazy doctors. I have an appointment!”

At 11:29 and thirty-five seconds, the nurse called her back. I almost wish time had sped up a little. I would have loved to see her leave.

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