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Whatever Gets The Job Done

, , , , , | Right | August 10, 2022

I work in support for a software company. My coworkers and I have a contest going for the most convoluted process that a customer has gone through to communicate the issue they are having. So far, the winner is a user who showed us what data on their screen was incorrect by:

  1. Taking a picture of his computer screen with his phone,
  2. Printing out that picture,
  3. Highlighting and circling the incorrect data on the printed-out picture,
  4. Scanning the printed picture with a scanner, and
  5. Inserting the file from the scanner into an Excel document.

So, in summary, we received an Excel sheet with an embedded image of a scan of a picture of the user’s computer screen. The total time of this user’s process was probably about thirty minutes (assuming the printers and scanners worked the first time) compared to the two minutes it would have taken to just use screenshot software or even just use the print screen button.

I’ve got to admire his ingenuity and dedication to get us the information we needed, though.

Question of the Week

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