What Part Of “Vacation” Confuses You?

, , , , | Working | May 1, 2021

I have finally taken some time off, and I have my nephews come over for a staycation. On day three of my vacation, my phone rings and I foolishly answer. It is the head cashier from work. 

Head Cashier: “Heyyyy, [My Name], this is [Head Cashier] from [Home Improvement Store]! How are you?”

Me: “I’m fine. What’s up?”

Head Cashier: “I was wondering if you could possibly come in and close tonight. We had a ton of call-offs.”

Me: “I’m on vacation.”

Head Cashier: “Okay, so… you want to come in?”

Me: *Facepalms* “Nope.”

Head Cashier: “Why not?”

Me: “Because I’m on vacation. I’m not working for another [number] days.”

Head Cashier: “But we really need someone to cover! Half the girls have called off today!”

Me: “Bummer. But you’ll have to call somebody else, as I’m on vacation.”

Head Cashier: “But—”

Me: “No. See you in [number] days, [Head Cashier].” *Click*

I walked in after my vacation was over, and a manager tried to chastise me for an inappropriate drawing that had been hung up in the break room. I told him that it wasn’t mine, and he said that one of the cashiers claimed I had hung it up before leaving.

I asked him when it had been found, and it turns out it had been hung on the same day I had refused to come in. I told him point-blank that I had been away on vacation for three days at that point and had refused to end my vacation to come in on that day.

He dropped the matter pretty quickly. I found out later that the group of gals who had called off were part of what we soon dubbed the “Cool Kids Club,” and they had all been closing that day and wanted to go party together. Somehow, they get away with just about everything, call off all the time, and never get reprimanded, not even for insubordination. 

I started screening my calls properly from then on.

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