Skimpy Clothes, Skimpier Morals

, , , , , , | Working | CREDIT: viodox0259 | April 30, 2021

I work in a casino. The waitresses at this casino have to wear very thin, sexy clothes. They aren’t borderline legal, but it is noticed. One day, management calls all the waitresses to come in and explain that they are changing their outfits to something even sexier. Now, these new dresses are very, very borderline legal.

Staff: “No way. We’re not wearing that.”

So, Friday night came, and the staff worked their whole shift. Then, at the end of their shift, they were all called into a meeting and they were all fired. We had no waitresses for a couple of days.

Welp, the father of one of those ladies was a pretty big-time lawyer. He brought the casino to court and won. They won big. Good for them!

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