Welcome To Earth, Population: Me

| | Right | July 28, 2008

(A customer calls to ask if his car is ready to be picked up.)

Caller: “Is my car ready to be picked up?”

Me: “I can check for you, sir. Which car is it?”

Caller: “The one I dropped off this morning.”

Me: “Right, and which one would that be?”

Caller: “The one that I dropped off today.”

Me: “Sir, we have a lot of customers on a daily basis. I can’t go on that alone…”

Caller: “I dropped it off this morning!”

Me: “Sir, lots of people dropped their cars off this morning. You need to tell me more. The license plate number, or what you dropped it off for, for example?”

Caller: “It’s the car that I dropped off this morning!”

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  • Vira Vandom

    “Aaaaand I’m terminating this call. *click*”

  • Abigail Hermione Irwin

    “It’ll be ready next month. Have a nice day, sir.”

    Seriously, if the idiot can’t offer up ANY identification on their car …