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10 Tales From The Auto Shop And The Most Clueless Drivers Ever

| Right | December 12, 2020

Dear readers,

It’s tough working in an auto shop: the grease, the manual labor, the intricate knowledge required of literally hundreds of vehicle brands and models. What doesn’t make it any easier are the clueless customers who think that because they sit at the steering wheel, they know what’s happening in the engine.

We’ve rounded up ten stories about clueless drivers causing pain for auto shop mechanics. We hope you never encounter any of them on the road!


In That Case, Replace Them Daily – Has Mercedes developed a remote diagnostic tool?

Driving Home The Law – The key is to use your whole brain.

Driving You Crazy – It wasn’t just the one question, sweetie.

Visions Of Dogs Chasing Their Own Tails – Stop letting these people drive!

Hannibal On Line Two – They say some cars cost an arm and a leg…

Ah, Mothers, Part 5 – Yeah, but cars don’t have the ability to heal themselves.

Not About To Start A Revolution – Please don’t let this friend work on your car. Or drive it.

This Can Not End Well – I want one of these, too, but I have a better grip on reality.

Diagnostics Through Osmosis – Hits from the comments: “Was she talking about her car or her brain?”

Welcome To Earth, Population: Me – If at first your idiocy doesn’t succeed, try, try again.


We hope you enjoyed this Auto-Shop-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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