Unbending Arms And Weirdly Bendy Security

, , , , , | Working | June 16, 2020

Due to the current health crisis, hospitals are restricting access. I have an appointment unrelated to the outbreak and head over to the hospital but, unaware of the restrictions, I don’t bring the appointment letter. I walk up to the main entrance to the hospital and pass a man slumped on a bench playing on his phone. As I am almost past him and into the building, he stands up.

Man: “Hey, where are you going?”

Me: “Inside?”

He hasn’t identified himself at all.

Man: “Do you work here?”

I’m realising he’s probably security, although he never says.

Me: “No, I have a physiotherapy appointment.”

Man: “No, that department is closed.”

Me: “Really? I was told they’re only seeing urgent cases, but they asked me to come in and sent me a confirmation letter.”

Man: “No, that department is closed. Let me see your letter.”

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t think I needed to bring it. I can call them to check, if you like?”

Man: “You won’t be able to get in to visit anyone once you’re inside.” 

Me: “I’m not trying to visit anyone. I’m just trying to see my physio so that at some point I can bend my arm again.”

I vainly wave my recently-fractured, non-bending arm. The guy is seeming to lose interest when his phone beeps.

Man: “Fine, you can go in, but that department is closed.”

I was confused as to why he would let me in if he was so convinced there wouldn’t be anyone there, but I headed up to the physiotherapist and found it open. I told the receptionist and she sighed and said no one had given that information and she’d deal with it.

I totally understand limiting people going into hospitals but if I hadn’t been persistent, I would have missed my treatment. Maybe check your facts before trying to send people away!

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