Unable To Get To The Bottom Of This

, , , , | Right | December 29, 2017

(I have just finished making an iced drink for the customer. It is a blended drink with whipped cream and syrup on top. I pass it over to her but she shakes her head and slides it back.)

Customer: “Oh, no, honey. I wanted the cream and syrup on the bottom.”

(No problem. I grab another cup and use a spoon to take all the topping off and place it in the cup, and then pour the rest of the drink on top. Naturally, the weight of the rest of the drink squashes the whipped cream. Both she and my boss, who is nearby making hot drinks, watch me do this.)

Customer: “Where’s my whipped cream?”

(Thinking maybe we misheard her original order and she wanted extra, I go to add some on top, but she stops me.)

Customer: “No, I want it at the bottom.”

Me: “It is at the bottom. It’s what I put in the cup first. I can remake it, if you like.”

Customer: “No, please don’t waste food. I just want you to add some whipped cream to the bottom of the cup.”

Me: *turning to boss* “I literally don’t know how to respond to this.”

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