Uncle Sam Is A Hebrew Name

, , , , | Right | December 30, 2017

(I have a somewhat uncommon name of Scottish origin, but I am American. I usually hear others with the same name go by a nickname, but I do not, so the full spelling is on my nametag. As I’m running a register, this catches the attention of a young boy.)

Kid: “Grandma, that girl has a weird name.”

Older Woman: “Yes, she does.” *to me* “Are you not American?”

Me: “Actually, I am.”

Older Woman: “Then, why do you have some foreign name?”

Me: “I think my parents just liked how it sounded. Some people go by [Nickname], but I like the full version better.”

Older Woman: *grumbling* “How hard is it to give a child a decent American name?”

Me: “You know, a lot of popular names in the U.S. have foreign roots, or are directly from another language.”

Older Woman: “Yes, it’s ridiculous. People these days just can’t use a good, old-fashioned, American name.” *to her grandson* “Let’s go, Sean.”

(I barely kept a straight face; Sean is a common Irish name.)

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