Tipped To Be A Great Night, Eventually

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(A few years ago, I worked in a small, family-run Italian restaurant. On a busy Friday night, a young couple comes in to eat and asks me for the bill when they finish. I take the bill over and they pay by debit card. After they pay, I thank them for coming and go back behind the counter to prepare another table’s bill. Afterwards, they come up to speak to me.)

Customer: “Hi, we’d just like to say thank you for the great service and food, but we feel really bad; we have no change for a tip.”

Me: “Oh, don’t be silly! That’s fine. Honestly, it’s no problem. I’m glad you enjoyed it!”

Customer: “Thanks for being so understanding; we really feel bad, though.”

Me: “Honestly, don’t feel bad; it’s enough for me to know you enjoyed it. Have a great night!”

(They leave and I get on with the night. About 20 minutes later, I am at the counter and someone calls out.)

Customer: “Hi again. We came back to tip you.”

(He hands me a £10 note.)

Customer: “We wanted to come back after we’d been to the cash machine; we really did have a great time.”

(I thanked them profusely and they left. I was so shocked they went out of their way to come back, even though I really didn’t mind I’d not been tipped. The service industry is hard work, but it’s people like that who make the difference!)

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