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This Relationship Sounds Taxing

, , , , | Romantic | July 13, 2022

I was working on my taxes, filing for the first time as an independent business owner. My boyfriend was watching TV while I filed.

Boyfriend: “Do you have any chips?”

Me: “Uhhh… I think so?”

Boyfriend: “Can you bring them to me?”

Me: “No, I’m doing my taxes. You can get them.”

Boyfriend: “Are we going to [Friend]’s BBQ this weekend?”

Me: “We can.”

Boyfriend: “Do you know what time we’re supposed to be there?”

Me: *Distracted* “Um… no. I don’t know. I’ll look later.”

Boyfriend: “Do we have to take anything?”

Me: “I don’t know. Can we talk about this after I’m done?”

Boyfriend: “Why?”

Me: “Because I’m trying to concentrate.”

Boyfriend: “Oh, okay.”

A few minutes pass.

Boyfriend: “Did you—”

Me: “Please stop talking. I love you but I need you to shut up.”

Boyfriend: “Jesus. Fine. F*** me, I guess.”

He banged the kitchen cupboards while pretending to look for the chips. He knew where they were kept, so I knew he was just doing it to be annoying. This was not the first time he deliberately did things for the sake of annoying me, so I tried to ignore it. Then, he sat down across from me with the bag of chips. He crinkled the bag and grabbed a handful of chips, chewing obnoxiously and open-mouthed.

Boyfriend: “What do you think [ingredient] does for the chips?”

I ignore him.

Boyfriend: “Do you think it’s necessary?”

I ignore him.

Boyfriend: “[My Name]!” *Shakes my shoulders* “I’m talking to you!”

Me: “And I asked you not to! I’m trying to concentrate and—”

Boyfriend: “Why are you so mad?”

Me: “I’m trying to get my taxes done and you keep asking me questions like a f****** four-year-old. GO AWAY!

I pointed back toward the living room and stared at him. He got up and walked away, but not before closing the lid on my computer. I was so mad I could have screamed. Instead, I took my computer and all my papers and locked myself in my only bathroom.

It was three hours later when I emerged and he was gone. There was a note on the table saying that he would be back when I apologized. After a few days, he called to see if I had even seen his note or if I was too busy with my taxes. I told him I would not apologize, and if he couldn’t handle that, we were over. He hung up.

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