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This Realtor Has Lost Touchy With Real(i)ty

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I bought a new house two years ago, before the health crisis, and it’s a beautiful old house. But this year, I began receiving calls from a number I didn’t recognize. Finally, I answered one.

Me: “Hello?”

Caller: “Hello, my name is [Caller], and I’m a realtor. Are you interested in selling your house?”

Me: “No.”

I hung up and thought that was the end of it, until I got a call back.

Caller: “Sir, that is very rude. Now, are you interested in selling or not?!”

Me: “I’m not the one being rude here. I already told you, no. I’m not selling.”

I hung up again. Guess who called back?

Caller: “Your house would be perfect for this couple who are moving to the area from Kansas CIty! Now, please sell me your house?”

Me: “What is your firm?”

Caller: “…I’m sorry?”

Me: “This is harassment. I already told you no twice, and you keep calling me back. I’m not going to sell my house.”

Caller: “But I already told them about your house!”

Me: “Tell them the truth. I’m not selling.”

I thought that was the end of it. Then, I arrived home from work one day and saw two unfamiliar cars in my driveway. A couple and a woman were trying to force their way into my house.

I stepped out and called out to them, and the woman saw me and went stark white.

Me: “I already told you I’m not selling! Now buzz off!”

The woman ran to her car and drove off in seconds, while the couple just stood there, confused. I suggested that they find a new realtor and get off my property.

They did leave, but not before telling me the realtor’s name and firm. I called them right after, and the woman on the other end knew who I was talking about. The fact that she did said a lot. I told her I would be filing police charges, and she said that was my choice. I did end up filing charges for trespassing, harassment, attempted breaking and entering, and fraud. My police officer friend took over my case and the woman was fired from her job. She’s due in court for the trespassing and harassment charges.

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