This Mom Will Give You A Bloody Headache

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My mom is the type of person who loves nature and believes in the healing powers of plants and things like that. I don’t really believe in that sort of stuff. She also loves to watch documentaries and takes a lot of what she hears in them to heart. 

Me: “Ugh, I have a headache.”

Mom: “I know what you need! The other day I was watching a documentary about how nosebleeds can relieve headaches. You just need to get a nosebleed and you’ll be fine.”

Me: “What? No, I think I’ll just take an Advil.”

Mom: “In the documentary, they mentioned that this plant can cause nosebleeds if you rub it on your nose. I have the plant here. Want to see if it works?”

Me: “I think I’d rather have a headache than a nosebleed.”

Mom: “Come on! I want to see if it works. Maybe we don’t even need to rub it on your nose. I think if we burn it…”

Me: “No, thanks. I really don’t want a nosebleed. I think I’ll just lie down.”

Mom: “Fine. I’ll burn it in the kitchen and breathe it in to see if it works.”

She did burn the plant, and no, neither of us got a nosebleed.

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