This Conversation Lacks Honor And Direction

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I work at the front desk at a small hotel in a popular hotel chain. A couple comes in to check in and gives me their last name.

Me: “Perfect. All I need to get from you is an ID and a credit card for incidentals.”

Husband: “Here’s the ID. Can’t you just use the card on file for incidentals?”

Me: “Normally, yes, but since you booked with a third party and prepaid, they have sent us your payment using a one-time virtual credit card, not the card you paid with.”

Husband: “Hmm, okay. Oh, and can you add my honors onto that?”

We have a tiered honors system where guests earn points for every dollar spent at our hotel, but it will only give them points if they book directly with the hotel or on their honors app.

Me: “I can put your number on there, but since you used a third party, it is unlikely that you will receive points because you paid [Third Party] directly and not the hotel.”

Wife: “My husband travels very frequently; he knows what he’s talking about. Just put the number on there and give us the keys.”

Me: “I will certainly put the number on for you. What is the phone number associated with the account?”

Husband: “1-800…”

I laugh slightly and the wife interrupts him.

Wife: “He thinks he’s funny. I have his honors number written down right here.”

She gives me the number and I attach the account. He is one of our top-tier members, meaning he travels very frequently with our chain, which makes it very odd that he booked with a third party.

Me: “Okay, here are your keys. You will be on the third floor today and the elevators are through those doors to the left. Let me know if you need anything!”

They start walking towards the doors and stop where the hallway begins.

Wife: “Which way are the elevators?”

Me: “To your left.”

Wife: “This way?”

She begins walking left.

Wife: “I use north, south, east, and west, not left and right.”

Me: “Yes, ma’am.”

I didn’t even know how to respond to that statement. Next time, I’ll let her know to take a north to get to the elevator!

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