This Cake Was Made For Walking

| Related | July 16, 2013

(My mom and I are out for dinner. After enjoying a great meal, we’re ready to order desert, so we ask for the desert menu.)

Mom: “Hmm, the chocolate cake sounds good. But it says here it has ‘walking filling’; what is that supposed to mean?”

Me: “I have no idea. The filling grows legs or something?” *laughs*

Mom: “Haha, yeah, like that commercial from a while ago. About the guy who wanted a walk-in fridge built in, and he got a walking fridge instead.”

(My mom proceeds to make an exciting ‘whoooo’ sound, like in the commercial. The waiter comes up to take our order.)

Mom: “I would like to have the… ehm… ‘whoooo!’ desert.”

Me: *facepalms* “Mom, please don’t!”

Mom: “Haha, just joking. I would like the chocolate cake, but what does the ‘walking filling’ mean?”

Waiter: “Well, it’s like a muffin, but with very soft filling that sort of ‘walks’ out when you open it up. So that’s why we call it a walking filling.”

Mom: “Yeah, like the walk-in walking fridge!” *does the ‘whoooo’ again*

Me: “Mom, please… stop.”

(I’m still laughing. Thank goodness the waiter got the joke as well.)

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