You Shall Not Pass

| Related | July 17, 2013

(We are on the regular summer vacation to visit my grandmother in Florida. My dad is driving, and my mother is riding shotgun. As usual she is ‘backseat driving’. We get in a traffic jam on the highway, and other drivers are driving down the berm to try and cut back in further down the way.)

Mom: “That is so dangerous! Pull over the line some to keep them from passing!”

Dad: “Don’t worry about it; others behind us are doing that already.”

Mom: “Just pull over some; don’t let any more pass.”

Dad: “Whatever…”

(Traffic speeds up a little, and dad moves back into his lane.)

Mom: “What are you doing!” *looking in the mirror* “There someone coming up the berm, don’t let them pass… DON’T LET THEM PASS!”

Me: “Mom… that’s our car’s shadow.”

Dad: “Should I let it pass?”

(Mom is quiet after that.)

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