They’re Very Green To All Of This

, , , , | Learning | September 11, 2017

(I am a teaching assistant and I am helping out in a lesson of food technology. The students are making cupcakes. They were allowed to bring in food colouring of their choice.)

Student: “Mrs. [My Name], if I make my cakes green, will they be mint flavoured?”

Me: “No, you would need to put flavouring into the mix, like peppermint.”

Student: “But isn’t that clear?”

Me: “It can be, yes.”

Student: “But mint is green!”

Me: “It doesn’t have to be. Kendal Mint Cake isn’t green. After Eights aren’t green.”

(I have never seen someone’s mind collapse under such a simple concept, but he had to go to the nurse’s office and rest. He didn’t come back until close to the end of the lesson. I finished his cakes for him, but I didn’t use the colouring in case it confused him again.)

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  • I wish the OP had indicated about how old this person was.

  • Nicole DeVendra Hughes

    …and then you got out the smelling salts?

  • Ross Thompson

    Man, now I miss Kendal Mint Cake.

  • Max

    To be fair it took me until my teenage years to work out that pink coloured cupcake icing wasn’t strawberry flavoured. I mean, the brown stuff is pretty much always chocolate flavoured.

    I also didn’t like non-chocolate-flavoured sweet things, so of course I didn’t try it.

    • Adrian Mckeehan

      I know that disappointment. I once got some cupcakes from a store that had brown frosting on them, but they were not chocolate flavored. They were just sweet brown frosting and disgusting.