Toodles And Parenthood And Whatever

, , , , | Learning | September 11, 2017

(One of our teachers is leaving to have a baby. The other teachers arrange a surprise going-away video. All of the students from across the classes get together in groups of three to four in front of the camera to say goodbye. It’s my turn, along with two classmates.)

Me: “Bye!”

Classmate #1: “Have fun with the baby!”

Classmate #2: “…”

(I realize [Classmate #2] is distracted, watching a nearby dog, so I prod her in the ribs to get her to say something.)

Classmate #2: *still distracted* “Right, yeah… toodles.”

Me: *after recording is finished* “…Toodles?!”

(Since we were primary students, there was a rule against re-recordings. Most of the comments made our teacher smile. Some of them made her tear up. Ours were the only ones that made her snort with laughter.)

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  • Stephen

    Seems a bizarre rule. Anyone else come across that? If so, what’s the reasoning?

    • Toni Rachel Old

      I’m I’m assuming I’m assuming the school just didn’t want videos of young kids floating around. Only thing I can think of

      • Rob Tonka

        If its old school video tape, rewind and record over it. If its digital media, delete the original and start over.

        • Toni Rachel Old

          Well yeah, that would be the obvious thing to do. They are probably either short on logic or being overly cautious. Or both

    • Phil Peligroso

      I’m not sure, but I’m sure the teacher is glad it was there, because just imagining the scene is really funny to me.

    • Rebecca Jones

      I’m imagining a child going “oh wait, I thought of something better! let me go again!” ad nauseam.

      Of course, adults can do that as well. Perhaps it’s more expected in children?

  • Souless night

    Toodles to some day toddlerssss

  • Steve

    I don’t understand what’s supposed to be funny or weird about this at all.