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Their Theme Song Is Played By Toddlers On Kazoos

, , , , | Working | August 3, 2022

We’re going over a contract between our companies. It’s nothing too heavy or official, just expectations of work and how much we’ll charge them for doing it. I’m pretty junior, and they’re not our biggest client; I’m the B-team at our company, and I know it. I’m curious about the other guy.

Me: “So, this first part has to do with automatic status updates sent via email. We also have an FTP server set up so you can transfer documents by uploading and downloading directly to our network.”

Employee: “Oh, we’re not interested in that.”

Me: “Okay, then. I’ll make a note. Moving on.”

Employee: “Before we get into that, I wanted to ask about status emails and whether it was possible to get access to an FTP server to load documents directly.”

Me: “…yes.”

I see. I got their C-team.

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