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What Will It Take To Get People To Compensate Their Employees Appropriately?

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I have been “requested” to take over a low-level manager’s position as our last one has quit. [Manager] is several tiers above me and is personally responsible for several people walking out in the middle of a shift. He reminds me of the guy who peaked in high school and spent the rest of his life bullying and gaslighting those around him. He is built like an offensive lineman and often uses that size to intimidate people. I am five feet tall and 110 pounds, so I’m used to people trying to use my stature against me. I think it annoys him that I can’t be bullied by size alone.

Me: “It’s a promotion?”

Manager: “It’s filling a need until a new person is hired to take over.”

Me: “So, I will receive no extra compensation, but I will have more responsibilities?”

Manager: “I can suggest that you formally take over the position when it opens up.”

Me: “But it’s open now, right? That’s why we’re here.”

Manager: *Annoyed* “We would consider you for the position if this arrangement works out.”

Me: “Again, more to do, but no more money to do it. And now no set time frame for how long I would be doing this.”

Manager: *Throwing his arms up* “Is money all that matters to you?”

Me: “Since I’m here to work, it is very important.”

Manager: “I thought you were ready to step up for [Company], but clearly, you’re too immature.”

Me: “I think it’s quite mature to recognize that you’re trying to short me.”

Manager: “Get out of my office, [My Name].”

I left and spread the word to all my coworkers that they were looking for someone to be the low-level manager but did not want to compensate for it. No one took the job offer and it took several weeks to hire someone new to fill the position.

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