They’re On Your Money

| Friendly | January 16, 2015

(I have a bit of a reputation as a bargain hunter, finding great deals and never buying something just because it’s trendy.)

Coworker: “Hey what you looking at?”

Me: *look up from my phone* “Oh just looking for an upgrade; this one isn’t really working as it should.”

Coworker: “Is that an iPhone you’re looking for?”

Me: *realising where this is headed* “Oh, yes, well, they are a bit pricey but it would work with my car, my hi-fi, and my girlfriend already has an iPod and an iPad.”

Coworker: “But it’s an iPhone…”

Me: “Yes…”

Coworker: “But they cost… money…”

(I didn’t realise up till that day how much of a reputation I had. I ended up buying an iPhone, but a cheap, older model.)

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