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23 Funny Stories About iPhone Users Who Weren’t Smart Enough For Their Smartphone

| Right | July 12, 2020

Dear readers,

Very few single items from the last decade are as iconic as the iPhone. This little touch-screen kicked off the smartphone era back in 2007, so it’s about the same age as our website! However, as long-time readers will be painfully aware, just because phones are getting smarter, doesn’t mean their users are. We’ve gone into the depths of our app-store to surface (Microsoft pun!) 23 stories about people who should have stuck to their flip-phones.


Wired For The Stone Age – Old man versus new technology doesn’t go the way you expect.

Lost A Sense Of Irony – This person was stupid enough to lose their phone, and even more stupid to ignore the irony that followed.

This Is Not The Android You Are Looking For – So THAT’s why  Samsung sued!

iNeed A Raise – Who remembers iPods? This person is never going to forget them!

Not The Apple From The Tree Of Knowledge – You know you have bugs because they’re eating the apple!

App-parently Stupid – Maybe they should let Siri ask all the questions…

A Shocking Request – What they’re asking for isn’t an app – it’s magic.

Remotely Stupid – Please stand by while your phone transforms in your pocket.

The Purchase Was A Pre-Medicated Decision – iPhone first, life-saving medication second.

Those Who Can’t, iTeach – We don’t think even Tim Cook could explain it to this guy.

Not-So-Smart-Phone, Part 7 – The most FUBAR of FUBAR stories you will ever FUBAR.

This Game Is For Babies – Warning, ownership of an iPhone may result in spontaneous pregnancies.

Charged With Stupidity – We’re pretty sure this is not covered under warranty!

Has A Modern Phone But Is Stuck In The Past – Sexism, and misogyny? Yeah, there’s no app for that.

They’re On Your Money – iPhones cost money. In fact, they cost a lot of money!

Technologically Wet Behind The Ears – When FaceTime captures more than just the face…

Cell Your Life Away – There are now Death, Taxes, and iPhones.

Made A Good Call – We put our lives on our phones, so when we lose them, we lose more than just a device!

This Is Getting Out Of Hand – Dark humor you can put your finger on.

Dial Down The Tech Speak – Buy the latest phone! Have no idea what it does better than the last one!

The End Is Nigh-Phone – Some people just want to watch the world burn.

An Eye For An iPhone – One of the few people on this list without an iPhone, but more deserving!

His Mermaid Wants To Go Back To The Ocean – If Ursula wanted Ariel’s voice so bad why not just make voice memos?


We hope you found this collection of stories funny and entertaining, whether you read it on an iPhone or anything else! Know any that we missed? Let us know in the comments! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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