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The Situation Was Not Planted

| Friendly | October 21, 2015

(My friend and I are riding a bus back to our hotel from the convention center in LA, where a large anime convention is being held. I’m playfully teasing my friend about one of her favorite characters who has some feminine qualities and happens to have control over plants, just because it annoys her so much. I’m sitting next to the open window.)

Me: “He couldn’t be any gayer. He takes his hood off and pink flower petals rain all over the place.”

Friend: “He is not! He’s gorgeous and I have dibs!”

Me: “Gay.”

(The bus passes under some low hanging palm trees and a palm frond snaps through the open window, slaps me in the face, and goes back out. The bus driver pulls over as everyone stares in shock and checks to see that I’m okay. Once we get moving again, I turn to my friend.)

Me: “I just got b**** slapped by your fake boyfriend…”

Friend: “Serves you right.”

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