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23 Crazy Stories About Anime, And Those Who Love It

| Right | August 6, 2020

Dear readers,

Anime is a huge and influential art-form all over the world, and one of the largest exports from Japan. It has fans in almost every country, and many are readers of Not Always Right! In celebration of this, we’ve rounded up 23 stories from our archives about the wonderful world of anime, it’s fans, and the struggles they go through to make others understand that it’s not just “cartoons”!


Kudos To Otaku Girls – It’s sad that even in the anime world, misogyny still exists.

This Troll Should Have Stuck At Home – Pray that some Hellsing cosplayers will walk past!

Watch What You Saiyan – We won’t stop until the likes of this story are over 9000!

Fool Metal Alchemist – Trying to get dad to understand anime will take a lot of sacrifice.

How To Hook(up) Readers – Anime contains many Shrödinger Gays – where they are both gay and not gay at the same time.

Yaoi Got To Be Kidding – Sadly, the sexism swings both ways.

They Met On The Bleach – Come for the bleach, stay for the Gin!

Living A Very Animated Life – We can hear the sweeping Joe Hisaishi soundtrack already.

Approving A Point – Putting the Ranma into Granma

Real Men Are Like (dande)Lions – Only read this story if you can resist “come hither” eyes.

Gender Disassociation By Association – Anime helps you tackle gender stereotypes.

The Conversation Got More Animated – When an anime can help cross the language barrier it’s a beautiful thing.

I Don’t Think I’m Turning Japanese – Trying to teach mom about anime doesn’t help when it keeps flipping languages!

Seizure The Moment – Religion versus anime!

Haven’t Exactly Been Dye-ing To Tell You – We think some anime character designers sit around figuring out how to make things hellish for cosplayers…

Mom’s Dragon-Ballin’ – A mother WOULD say that about Goku…

Following This Show Religiously – Those looking to be ordained, take note!

Probably Thought She Was Being A Real (Mills &)Boon – Hypocrites and bosoms!

The Situation Was Not Planted – About to have some Kurama drama!

Naruto-No-No – When the anime is a thousand chapters behind the manga, spoilers are par for the course.

He Was Dead Wrong – Technically this is American animation, but the spirit is the same!

Mom Gets Very Animated About It – Anime 👋 is 👋 not 👋 kiddie 👋 cartoons!

The Key To Keron – Starting them on anime early enough is a gift!

And finally, a bonus story that isn’t about anime directly, but it can creep into your lives for better or for worse!

Survey Corps Versus Lunch Nazis – Our final story about how anime saved the day!


We hope you enjoyed this anime roundup. Any stories we missed? Let us know in the comments! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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