| Friendly | October 27, 2015

(Friend #1 and I are both fans of a certain ninja-based manga and anime series and read translations of the newest chapters online every week. When the English dub of the second series finally starts airing in America, Friend #1 decides to wait on watching it but I watch it live. One day I decide to casually mention a funny observation to my friend at school.)

Me: “Oh, yeah, last night I was watching [Anime] and—”

Friend #1: *clapping hands over his head and yelling* “NO SPOILERS! DON’T GIVE ME ANY SPOILERS! I HAVEN’T WATCHED IT YET!”

Friend #2: “[My Name], are you trying to spoil him?!”

(The rest of my friends begin berating me for trying to give him spoilers, not even knowing what we’re talking about. Eventually, I manage to calm them down and get Friend #1 to stop yelling about spoilers long enough to listen to me.)

Me: “[Friend #1], you read the manga every week, right?”

Friend #1: “Yes…”

Me: “And the manga is currently HUNDREDS of chapters ahead of the English dub, isn’t it?”

Friend #1: “Yeah…”

Me: “So then you know what happens in this arc already, don’t you?”

Friend #1: “I do…”

Me: “So I can’t spoil you then, can I?”

Friend #1: “…No, you can’t.”

(The kicker? I just wanted to comment that I thought a character’s dubbed laughter sounded like a horse, which isn’t related to the story at all!)

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