The New Disney Classic: America Is Broken

, , , , , | Working | September 27, 2019

(I am a teller at a credit union, working in the drive-up. My coworker and I are discussing the technically illegal things that people do out of ignorance, such as Person A signing a check made out to Person B after Person B has already signed it in order to deposit the check into an account that both of them are on. My coworker vents her frustration with people’s ignorance in a silly way so that she won’t actually be mad about it, and I like to be silly back at her to ease the frustration all the more.)

Coworker: *in a silly, sing-song voice* “Why are people so stupid? Why do people break the law? Why don’t people understand basic things about finances?”

Me: *in a very serious tone* “Because the United States educational system is thoroughly broken and doesn’t care anymore, so people aren’t taught the basic life skills that they used to be taught in order to become functioning adults and don’t know where to turn as adults to learn the proper rules. Thus, they inadvertently commit financial felonies.”

(There’s a pause as she looks at me, eyebrows up.)

Me: *now in a sing-song voice* “And also people are just really, really dumb!”

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